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Digital Bits #12: How *Not* to Get Cancelled

The debate over so-called "cancel culture" seems to have permeated everything these days, serving as the newest flashpoint in the US culture wars. The latest "victim" was Lin-Manuel Miranda, the guy who wrote a hit musical in which he made the US founding f...


Digital Bits #10.1: Followup on BrewDog

Hi all, My apologies for avoiding your inbox for an entire year, and then dropping in twice on the same day!I've received a couple of questions on the BrewDog saga, so to make it easier to follow I've included links below that should guide you through the s...


Digital Bits #10: The Return (and Tech v. Journalism)

Hi there! Yes, it's been a while since the last edition of Digital Bits, so there's a lot of ground to cover. When I published issue #9 I had just joined Tencent, well before the Trump administration's executive orders to ban WeChat. Ah, simpler times.A lot...


Digital Bits #9: How the Pandemic is Changing Comms, Why the Death of George Floyd is Raising Tough Questions, and the War over War Terms

It has been a tumultuous 2020 and we aren't even halfway through the year. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to ravage the United States, with many other countries in various stages of recovery. Regardless of when that process is complete, the effects will be...


Digital Bits #8: Coronavirus and More Coronavirus

It feels like the entire world has been turned upside down. Since the last installment of this newsletter, multiple countries have shut down huge swathes of their economies, borders have tightened, airlines grounded, sports leagues suspended and hospital ro...


Digital Bits #7: How to Respond to a Question When You Don't Know the Answer

Happy March to everyone! It has been a fascinating couple of weeks as the novel coronavirus continues to spread globally, impacting travel plans and triggering new work-from-home policies for many organizations. That naturally brings questions about how to ...


Digital Bits #6: Coronavirus, Steve Jobs' Email, Podcasting and Storytelling (both Good and Bad!)

Hong Kong has seemed like a ghost town these past couple of weeks as people work from home and others sequester themselves to avoid potential exposure to the coronavirus. It's a serious situation and hopefully the spread of the virus is curtailed soon; on t...


Digital Bits #5 - Davos, Social Media Analytics, Internal Comms Insights & More

Hi all, great to finally be back in Hong Kong! I was at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting last week in Davos, a mountainous, wintery... oh wait. "Wintery" it was decidedly not; some days it reached five degrees above zero, melting the snow and clearin...


Digital Bits #4 - Time to Design, New Newsletters, and the Difference Between Confidence and Narcissism

Corporate communications used to be dominated by text - press releases, announcements, speeches, issues notes, media messaging - but today, that's only part of the job. Compelling graphics and visuals are critical to telling impactful stories, and fortunate...


Digital Bits #3: Facebook Report 2020, the Story of Canva, and Marketing Lessons for the New Year

Happy new year! I am back in Hong Kong, recovering from a bout of the flu but gearing up for another hectic year. Late December is a quieter time for most publications, so I've included a couple of features on Gen Z entering the workforce and the story of C...


Digital Bits #2: Social Media Predictions for 2020, Building Relationships at Work, and 5 Excellent Tools for PR Pros

This week's update is coming from Vancouver, where I landed a few hours ago to spend the holidays with family. Thanks to everyone who has signed up in the last several days, I appreciate the support!There will be no newsletter next week, but we'll be back o...


Digital Bits #1: Visual Storytelling, Internal Influencers & Holiday Communications

Welcome to the first issue of Digital Bits! This newsletter is in beta, so please share your thoughts and suggestions.