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Digital Bits #6: Coronavirus, Steve Jobs' Email, Podcasting and Storytelling (both Good and Bad!)

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Digital Bits #6: Coronavirus, Steve Jobs' Email, Podcasting and Storytelling (both Good and Bad!)
By Cam MacMurchy • Issue #6 • View online
Hong Kong has seemed like a ghost town these past couple of weeks as people work from home and others sequester themselves to avoid potential exposure to the coronavirus. It’s a serious situation and hopefully the spread of the virus is curtailed soon; on the lighter side, hopefully it leaves more time for reading newsletters!
It has been a busy week, as I wrapped up my nine-year career at HKEX on Thursday. We accomplished a lot during my time there, building out the organization’s digital capability from scratch, launching and ghostwriting the Chief Executive’s blog, and developing a strong content team across multiple platforms. I will take next week off before beginning the next chapter, and update you on future plans then.
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On to this week’s update…
It’s still early in the year, but it looks like podcasts could break into employee communications in a big way in 2020. A couple of links below look at why they might be beneficial, how other companies are producing them, and what to avoid.
A job ad for a nanny in Silicon Valley appeared in my Twitter feed last week that was so wild I lingered on it for quite some time. The original Tweet is now private but has been posted on Buzzfeed. Ishmael’s Corner dissects the ad from a communications perspective below.
Also, check out the example of Steve Jobs’ email, which was published as a result of a lawsuit against Apple for conspiring to raise the prices of e-books at the time the iPad was being launched. It’s such an excellent example of how to write a clear and persuasive email that puts pressure on the recipient but also shows respect.
As always, let me know what you think or if you have any suggestions for future issues. See you next week!

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